Meet the Team




My first job out of college was working for a very unethical web-hosting company. Raising rates without notice or consent, lying about services provided, who is at fault, and constantly understaffed due to employee turnover. I did everything I could to resolve the impossible and respect our customers as much as possible and was fired for it. I left knowing exactly what I would change if I ran a web hosting company, and shortly after created Overhaulics. 

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Strategic Partnership Manager

I wanted to be a manager so I created my own job title. My husband Kyle tried explaining that I can’t be a manager if I have nobody to manage but I do manage Maverick.

I am a full-time nurse who helps with marketing campaigns for Overhaulics in my free time. I often coordinate business partnerships and events.

I love to run and recently completed my first marathon.

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Chief Morale Officer

I am the beloved companion of the team at Overhaulics. While my primary role may be as a furry friend and office mascot, I am an integral part of the company culture and contribute to the positive energy and productivity of the office.

As an office dog, I provide emotional support and stress relief for the hardworking team. My friendly and calming presence helps to create a relaxed and comfortable work environment, which in turn fosters creativity and collaboration among the staff.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Overhaulics to provide small businesses with the most hands-on and personalized web design and hosting experience.

Our Sites Are:


We can build sites so quickly because we use highly customizable premium themes and plugins to suite your needs. There is no reason you should pay hourly for custom development work.


The last thing you want is to overwhelm a customer.  Our designers make sure your business information is provided in a neat and organized manner.


No matter what device you are viewing the site on, it will look great.  Mobile phones and tablets will display a version of the website more suited for those devices.


We build all of our sites on the latest version of WordPress, a content management system designed to allow everyone the ability to create websites and blogs without any previous experience.

What Others Have to Say About Us

“I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience at Overhaulics. Our project was completed ahead of schedule, pixel perfect, and the journey getting there was painless. Even beyond that, the depth of knowledge and experience behind Overhaulics is unmatched and mostly likely the secret sauce in their delivering smart and cost effective websites. If we need additional help in the future, I know exactly where I will go.”