The idea of Overhaulics stemmed from seeing how terrible the hosting industry really is and wanting to be a small fix to a large problem. It’s an industry that most business owners know almost nothing about due to it’s highly technical nature. Even if all the details of a hosting plan were listed out, it wouldn’t mean anything to the average person because it’s not something the average person would or even should know.  This results in many hosting companies offering services that are designed to benefit the web host more than their clients.

Your time is more valuable spent running your business than learning how servers work. So we will skip all the technical talk in this article and get right into what Overhaulics does for our customers and how that is different from a majority of other web hosting companies out there.

The industry as a whole keeps details about that they actually offer vague and advertise the same way drug companies do on tv. This is done by showing young business professionals as they become entrepreneurs and how happy they are while achieving their dreams. Not a single fact or detail about the hosting service is provided, all while telling you to “make it happen, don’t listen to self-doubt, and just go full steam ahead”. These phrases are effectively used to pile people into high ROI, low powered plans where you become nothing more than a number overpaying for a bottom of the barrel service.

To make things worse, things that should be included are often add-ons or highly overpriced. This is used to funnel people into 2-3 year plans in order to save money and trap you in the ecosystem where a refund is impossible to receive.

So what does Overhaulics do?

  1. We offer FREE website migrations.
    • This can be tricky and you don’t have time for this, let us handle the technical work.
  2. We optimize your site for FREE as this benefits both parties. 
    • How it helps you: Faster sites rank better in Search Engines which can get you more traffic and prevent your potential clients from leaving if a page is too slow.
    • Sure you may think your site is fast enough, but keep in mind almost 60% of web traffic is mobile now and phone signal can be much slower. Optimized sites require less data to load on phones and load faster.
    • How it helps us: By optimizing your site, your site will use fewer resources on our servers, reducing our monthly bills and allowing us to pass on some savings to our customers.
  3. We can provide up to 6 months of FREE hosting if you are already paying for a hosting plan elsewhere and have a contract you can’t get out of or a refund for.
    • We will help you out a bit if you give us a try.
  4. We don’t raise the rate drastically after your first year.
    • Many companies advertise very low prices and in fine print raise the rates after the first year to sometimes 5 times the price. We want to keep things simple and not surprise you.
    • You are also grandfathered in at the rate you pay on day one.
  5. You can receive a refund at any time, no questions asked for any unused months of hosting. 
    • If you don’t use them, why should you have to pay for them? We won’t be providing a service to you if you wish to leave.