Of all the themes and builders we have experience with, WPBaker Builder has got to be the worst, buggiest and biggest pain to deal with. This guide will cover one of those super bizarre nonsensical things that only this builder does that can make migrating one of these sites a nightmare unless you know the reasons behind the issue.

We migrate sites every day here at Overhaulics and do it for free, so at this point, we have seen almost every issue you can imagine. Prior to pointing the live domain at our system we setup sites on a temporary URL (default cPanel method) and test everything to make sure there are no issues. This process requires changing the site and WordPress address (URL). The issue arises when switching back from the temp URL to the live URL. Typically we update the settings in WordPress, point the domain and everything works. We then take it one step further by doing an entire database search replace to make sure nothing was missed.

Unfortunately, this does not work for WPBaker Builder, all of the links setup in WPBaker Builder elements do not get updated. This usually results in an insecure warning message and most people think the page is broken.

Here is how you fix this:

  1. Disable WPBaker Builder
  2. Edit a page with the broken links
  3. Find the old URL in the shortcode.
    • For us, we were looking for In the shortcode it came out as being: http%3A%2F%2F149.28.13.162%2F%7Eusername%2F
  4. Paste this string into your search replace tool.
    • We recommend Better Search Replace plugin
  5. Use the same format to create your new URL for the live site.
    • https%3A%2F%2Fwww.domain.com%2F
  6. Run search replace again.
  7. Activate WPBakery Builder
  8. Flush/clear all cache.
  9. Test pages that previously had broken links.

Hope this helps!

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