Post SMTP – Token has been expired or revoked.(invalid_grant)

If you get either of these errors:

Token has been expired or revoked.(invalid_grant)” or “Bad Request(invalid_grant)” most of the time it is a result of a security measure put in place by Google when clients update their Google passwords.

In an effort to further increase account security for Google Apps users, a recent change has been made to our security policy, whereby OAuth2 tokens issued for access to certain products will now be revoked when a user’s password is changed. For example, if a user loses their device, and changes their Google password, their mail and other data will stop syncing to that device when the password is reset.


Grant Google permission again in Post SMTP

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard at (replace with your own address)
  2. Click “Post SMTP” at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
  3. Click the “Grant permission with Google” link.
  4. You will be redirected to a Google page to approve the link. You may need to login to your Google account using the email your site sends to.
  5. Back on your site, send a test email by clicking the “Send a Test Email” link to confirm everything is working.
  6. You can then go to the email log under Post SMTP and re-send any emails that had this error.

Clients can contact Overhaulics to have this done, we will just require your Google credentials.

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