Key Equipment Finance Blog

A few details


Key Equipment Finance had a blog running on an external site. Unfortunately the blog looked nothing like the main site. KEF hired Overhaulics to make the blog look like the main site to help prevent any confusion from customers.

How we solved it


We found a theme that had certain elements and a visual style that KEF wanted the blog to have, Overhaulics then modified CSS to make the header, menu and footer match the original site.


Service: Overhaul
Theme: Sahifa


  • Logo Design

    Simply added “Blog”.

  • Subscription Service

    Subscribe or Unsubscribe easily.

  • Custom CSS

    Matching this site with the main site.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience at Overhaulics. Our project was completed ahead of schedule, pixel perfect, and the journey getting there was painless. Even beyond that, the depth of knowledge and experience behind Overhaulics is unmatched and mostly likely the secret sauce in their delivering smart and cost effective websites. If we need additional help in the future, I know exactly where I will go.

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