Roatan Renegade Rescue

A few details


On a trip to Roatan I was fortunate enough to meet Penny Leigh, owner of a popular souvenir shop and founder of Roatan Renegade Rescue. She had a very old site but needed a site that made it easy for doctors and vets to sign up to come down and help with the stray cat and dog issues. Stray cats and dogs need spaying, neutering, and vaccinations which were hard to come by on the small island.

How we solved it


Overhaulics was more than willing to help and donated this site in order to help the large issue that was experienced first hand. The new site makes it much easier for people to make donations, adopt animals as pets, and doctors to sign up for an incentive program.


Service: Overhaul
Theme: Enfold


  • Slider

    Beautiful attention grabber.

  • Donation Form

    Easy donation via Paypal.

  • Adoption Form

    Collecting information for animal adoptions.

  • Logo Redesign

    From a vertical to more horizontal format.

Logo Redesign

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