WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the planet that powers more than 25 percent of all websites on the web. With an estimated 1.5 billion websites on the internet, 25 percent is a lot of sites that trust this platform to keep running smoothly. WordPress does sometimes present problems and challenges for users and that’s exactly when a WordPress expert in Broomfield comes in handy. Here’s how to find one. 

Ask around for a WordPress expert

It’s also estimated that almost 65 percent of small businesses have websites which means that most people have had to deal with this digital space during their professional life. That also means that people you know might even have recommendations when it comes to finding a WordPress expert in Broomfield. Ask friends, family members, and acquaintances if they know anyone that works in the industry, and start your search with their recommendations.  

Hit the web

All savvy WordPress experts will have a robust presence on the Internet making them easy enough to find. When you’re searching for an expert, hit the web and search for experts in your area. Be sure to look through social media too where you’re likely to find enough customer reviews to help you make an educated decision on who to hire.  

How to tell if they’re a WordPress expert

There are three main things to look for when looking for a WordPress expert. You want to be sure that they offer a large portfolio of past projects working with the content management system. You also want to be sure that they can provide recommendations, and that you’ve been able to find some recommendations and reviews online of their services. The next step would be to give them a small task to complete on your website – difficult enough to judge their capabilities, but easy enough that they can complete it pretty quickly.  

Why you need an expert

WordPress websites are built on the central content management system but often use pre-built themes, plugins, and widgets to function how you want it to. These digital tools don’t come without problems and often break or become dysfunctional on your site. Hackers are everywhere, too, and constantly troll the Internet looking for vulnerable sites to take down. It’s nice to have someone in the wings that can help if any of these situations occur- giving you one less thing to worry about while you’re trying to grow your business.