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Think of your website like a car, we all know our cars need oil changes and ongoing maintenance when small problems crop up to keep them running smoothly. If these issues are ignored, the issues can grow in complexity and cost.

With Overhaulics managing your site, we handle all the maintenance and steps required to keep your site running healthy in order to prevent costly fixes later down the road.

The work we do behind the scenes…

We keep busy so you can focus on your business.

Daily Security Scans

Keep your site safe from hackers! Brute force attacks and malicious bots. We perform scans daily and harden your site.

LiteSpeed Caching

The best caching system on the market ensures WordPress sites are served ultra-fast and can handle far more traffic.

Modern Hardware

Overhaulics features 100% SSD storage and the latest generation of Intel  Skylake CPUs which are 50% faster.

Simple Control Panels

Access to control panels you already know such as cPanel, WHM and PHPmyAdmin.

Latest Technology

As we upgrade our servers and technology we will bring you along and upgrade you at no additional cost. What a crazy idea.

Amazing Support

FREE ticket, email & phone support from our own in-house skilled USA team members. Experience the best customer service around.

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