If your business has an online presence, you might not realize that you actually have to pay for your website to exist on the world wide web. This cost is called hosting, and it’s an annual recurring cost with many different providers available. GoDaddy, AWS, Blue Host, Google Cloud Platform and HostGator are a few of the largest hosting providers, but there are significant advantages to looking for an independent agency for the very best web hosting

1. Bandwidth issues and reliability 

With an independent agency, your site will be more of an individual and less of a number in the queue. Larger hosting companies have countless sites on the servers and if problems arise with just a few, it can affect all sites on the server. An independent agency is more agile and can react much more quickly when problems creep in, probably before you ever realized there was a problem.  

2. Customer service

With many larger hosting companies, if you have a problem with your site, you have to enter a help ticket (which may have a cost attached) and then wait around (sometimes for days) until a technician gets to your place in the queue. The customer service of independent agencies really sets them apart, many times with free help tickets, multiple avenues to get the help you need and responsiveness that you won’t find with the big guys.  

3. Help with all the details

Independent agencies that specialize in web hosting are trying to do things differently and put client needs at the forefront. These days you can find a company that will help you with all of your site migrations, offer optimization and caching at no extra charge, run web analysis to look for any issues that your website may be having and offer recommendations on how your site could run better. They are the perfect web hosting partner if you want to be able to trust that your online space is well taken care of.

It is the mission of Overhaulics to provide small and medium-sized businesses with modern websites that fulfill their company’s needs in a timely and affordable manner. Not only do we want our customers to have a site they can be proud of, but also a site they will be able to easily update and manage once complete. Give us a call today at 888-978-8430.