Overhaulics aims to offer more than just a basic online presence. We provide a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your business needs. Our team will be your valuable resource, readily available to support, consult, update content, and troubleshoot any issues directly on your website. With features and services set up by our WordPress specialists, you’ll save time and money while ensuring seamless site management from day one.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

(Starting at $24/mo)

These features are included in ALL plans.

Site Health

Website Monitoring

We regularly monitor uptime and site performance at five-minute intervals.

Proactive Issue Resolution

If an issue is detected, we will fix it before you or your customers complain.

Easily Reachable Tech Support

Direct Communication. Call, TXT, or Email. No ticket systems, no departments. 

Weekly Software Updates

We will update WordPress, your theme, and plugins to the latest versions.

Daily Incremental Backups

Never lose data. Uploaded to 3 separate locations for up to 6 months.

Strong Security

Malware & Virus Scanning, File Change Detection, Website Hardening, and more.

Site Performance

LiteSpeed Website Caching

Server-level cache to greatly improve site performance. 

Image Optimization

Automatically makes images smaller without losing quality so your site loads faster.

Cloudflare (CDN)

Delivering your site from datacenters closest to your customers location. 

Improved quality of life and savings

Email Deliverability

Making sure you don’t miss any website leads or form submissions.

Website Form Spam Filter

Tired of receiving ads and scams in your contact form? We put an end to it. 

Free Premium Plugins

We have many tools and services that we pay for that you can use for free.

DNS Management

We will manage and help configure the records used to point your domains to specific servers or services. 

Compete Tier Hosting

(Starting at $49/mo)

Includes all features and services from Managed Hosting

  • This plan is tailored for competitive companies leveraging their website as a sales tool through SEO and marketing campaigns, with a thorough analysis aimed at preventing customer loss due to unnoticed issues or declining Google performance scores.

Improved Site Health

Deep Website Scanning

Console Errors and Warning reports as well as detailed scans to spot small
issues a human would likely miss.

Database Cleaning and Optimization

After removing a plugin or theme from your site, traces remain in your database, affecting performance.

Improved Site Performance

Advanced Website Optimization

Defer JS/CSS assets for a better user experience. Control which scripts and stylesheets load per page to reduce overhead and eliminate unused assets.

Responsive Image CDN

Properly Scale/Size images, making sure images match the device they are being viewed on. Converts images to next-gen image formats (like WebP and AVIF).

Protect Your Business

Self Updating Privacy Policies

Protect your business from fines and lawsuits in less than 30 minutes by creating your Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and more.

Surpass Tier Hosting

(Starting at $199/mo)

Includes all features and services from Compete Tier Hosting

  • This plan is for sites with lots of dynamic content. Mainly high traffic eCommerce, multilingual, or data intensive serviced like directories, social communities, or popular blogs. 

Greatly Improved Site Performance

Customized Hardware and Virtual Private Servers

Have a plan built specifically for your site. Pay for what will benefit your site the most. Scale resources up or down as you run sales or have slow seasons. 

Protect Your Business, Improve the World

WCAG & ADA Compliance

Making the internet accessible to everyone is about leveling the playground for 20% of the world’s population.