We are always looking for local Web Designers, SEO companies, and Agencies that are looking to offer their customers more by expanding the services you can provide.

A Win-Win Situation

Its Simple. Here is how it works and how everyone benefits:

Your Company

  • Free hosting for your own website.

  • Unlimited dev environments for your new projects.

  • Gain back valuable time by offloading ALL technical website and hosting support to us.

  • Website launches are handled by Overhaulics. 

  • Customized templates to save time on every project. (see FAQ below)

Oh and a finders fee…


*Flat rate based on our cheapest managed plan.

The Client

  • Reliable and fast WordPress web hosting. 

  • Direct cell phone and email support. No holding music, no support ticket system. Direct human interaction when needed.
  • Free Website Optimization and Caching.

  • Free Website Migrations
  • Everything included:

    • Backups
    • Security (and SSL)
    • Uptime and performance monitoring
    • Unlimited Support


  • MORE CLIENTS. Having a network of partners that recommend Overhaulics allows us to not have to rely on hit-or-miss advertising to individual customers.
  • Additional resources. You are the master of your craft and you may know a theme, builder, or plugin better than us.  If you are able to assist, we will pay handsomely for your time.
  • Friendships. We love going out for drinks or coffee and discussing ways to grow our businesses further.

Is there a catch? Any minimums or expectations?


The agreement is supposed to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Both of our companies as well as the client.
We just ask that you recommend our hosting to your clients, but there are no requirements or obligations. If you are small and send us one client a year it is still worthwhile.

So how does this work?

Its a lot more simple than you may be thinking. This is not a white labeling or reselling type gig, this is a recommendation.
You do not need to know the in’s and out’s of our hosting plans or company, just setup an introduction and we will answer any of the clients questions.


No, that is our job. All you have to do is say you recommend Overhaulics and setup an introduction so they can have their questions answered and make their own informed decision.
When planning a project with a client mention that when the site is completed you have a hosting provider you highly recommend. 9 times out of 10 if they have had a good experience with you they will trust your judgment.

Many will still have some questions which is good and setting up an introduction email inviting them to ask any questions they have is very welcome. We typically plan a call with them and they will know by the end of the call if they want to use us or not.

Even if the client wants to host the site elsewhere after completion, you can still enjoy the benefits of our support and hosting experience during the development process.

We will help package up the site so its easy to migrate or provide details to a hosting provider if they provide free migrations.

Most of us have a specific workflow for our projects, same theme, same plugins, often the same settings. If you want we can help setup a default WordPress install that can be used for each of your new projects that has all your favorites preconfigured so you can get right to work.

Depending on the builder, these can often have preconfigured layouts, saved elements, or more. It’s really up to you. 

You can request a withdrawal at any point in time as USD or convert your funds into credit which can be used to purchase themes, licenses, training, work on client sites, or any services Overhualics provides.

We pay out through Zelle, PayPal, Wise, or Venmo.

The focus of site optimization lies primarily in enhancing performance and reducing load times for visitors. Please note that this pertains solely to technical aspects and does not encompass content or SEO optimizations.

We offer an array of tools such as caching plugins, image optimization plugins, and access to content delivery networks for all managed sites. Our team also handles the initial setup for these tools.

For websites employing specific themes and builders, we often have readily available presets that exhibit excellent performance. These presets typically account for around 70-80% of the potential performance improvements achievable.

For a more comprehensive optimization approach, which involves squeezing out the smallest fractions of a second in load times, an additional fee is applicable. This service goes beyond the standard offerings and delves into fine-tuning various elements to achieve utmost speed.


We’ll work together to grow our businesses and provide the best possible experience for our clients.

Simply reply to the email my wife sent you or fill out the form below and we will setup a quick phone call to answer any additional questions you have. 

Agency Testimonials

GLOW UP MEDIA CO 2 495x400 1

15+ Sites

“Kyle at Overhaulics got me started with this career and I am so fortunate he made it so easy to grow my business. He handles all the technical aspects so I can focus on the design and content creation. Any time I have an issue or need advice on how to solve a problem he jumps in and does a screen share or sends personalized training videos. Overhaulics is an invaluable resource to my company!”

– Casey Childers

President- Video Producer/SEO Specialist

brian logo 1

50+ Sites

“Kyle the owner is one of the most amazing reliable, conscientious, knowledgeable, caring web professionals I’ve ever worked with. He provides a hosting service that is eons better then the big boys where you have to get a ticket or wait on hold If there’s a problem even if the solution is so simple. His knowledge of WordPress is first rate and he has troubleshot and solved many problems for my clients. As a web designer for many clients in the wedding industry, I rely on his company as a true partner who helps me maintain my reputation.”

– Brian Lawrence

Business Consultant, Writer and Speaker

20+ Sites

“I recommend Overhaulics every chance I get! We have partnered with them for years and we could not be happier with every aspect of their customer service, responsiveness, and professionalism. We are so happy we finally found a hosting company that does what they say and actually responds and acts on basic requests. Truly a diamond in the rough!”

– Jason Van Vleet

President- Video Producer/SEO Specialist