What does “Fully Managed” even mean?

Your website isn’t much different than a car, we all know our cars need oil changes and ongoing maintenance when small problems crop up to keep them running smoothly. If these issues are ignored, the issues can grow in complexity and cost.  The same goes for your WordPress website.

With Overhaulics managing your site, we handle all the maintenance and steps required to keep your site running healthy in order to prevent costly fixes later down the road.

The work we do behind the scenes… so you can focus on your business.

Behind the Scenes

Overhaulics implements the following services which are included in your hosting plan with the goal of avoiding support calls and tickets. Don’t take this the wrong way, we like you, but we would rather avoid the frustrated version of you. Send us an email about an exciting new product or service to add to your site instead.

Daily Backups

Database backups every day, media backups weekly.

Stored for up to 6 months to 2 offsite locations.

1 click restore.

Daily Security Scans

Malware and file change scanning with automatic cleaning.

System will restore a previously known clean version of the file taken in backups.

Weekly Software Updates

Once a week WordPress, your theme, and plugins will all be updated to the current versions. This will provide your site bug fixes, security patches, and new features.

Email Tracking

Ensure your contact form queries reach your inbox so you don’t lose potential customers.

If you have any issues we can pinpoint the exact reason and implement a fix.

Uptime & Performance Monitoring

If your site goes down or is loading slowly, we will be the first to know and will fix the issue quickly.

FREE Technical Fixes

Despite everything we do to keep your site perfect, stuff can break. Don’t worry, we will fix any technical issue at no additional cost.

Even if you broke it. Hey it happens…

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