What does “Self Managed” mean?

Your website isn’t much different than a car, we all know our cars need oil changes and ongoing maintenance when small problems crop up to keep them running smoothly. If these issues are ignored, the issues can grow in complexity and cost.  The same goes for your WordPress website.

It is your job to handle all the maintenance and steps required to keep your site running healthy in order to prevent costly fixes later down the road.

If you need Overhaulics to handle something that would have been covered in a Fully Managed Hosting plan, we will charge $60/hr tracked to the minute for our time.

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You should not choose a self-managed hosting plan unless you know your way around WordPress and prefer to take the updates and maintenance into your own hands.

This does not mean you are alone, but you should be prepared.

Behind the Scenes

Overhaulics is still here to support and we offer services comparable to other hosting providers.

Weekly Backups

Reduced Service

Your entire cPanel account will be backed up Weekly and stored for 1 month.

Can be restored from inside cPanel


Reduced Service

The security provided by our server will protect against most threats but it is recommended to setup additional security plugins on the site to harden it and scan for issues.

Weekly Software Updates

Not Included

It is your job to keep your site updated and test the functionality after updates.

Email Tracking


Ensure your contact form queries reach your inbox so you don’t lose potential customers.

If you have any issues we can pinpoint the exact reason and implement a fix.

Uptime Monitoring

Reduced Service

If your site goes down we will be the first to know and look into the issue. It is something on our end, we will fix it. If not, we will send an email notifying you of the likely cause.

Technical Fixes

Reduced Service

Anything hosting related we will fix at no cost to you. Anything WordPress related requiring logging into your site will have additional costs associated with it. ($80/hr)

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