Add Custom Icons to Avada (usable in all elements)


You will need your icons in SVG format, if you do not have this, make sure you at least have a .PNG file with a clear background. These are easy to make.

Convert to SVG:

    • Convert your icons from .png format (clear background) to .svg format using

Add to Avada:

  1. Download one of Avada’s Fontawesome Webfonts .svg from /plugins/fusion-builder/inc/lib/assets/fonts/fontawesome/webfonts
    • I chose fa-regular-400.svg
  2. Go to and import both your SVG files and the FontAwesome SVG file.
  3. To the right side of each set click the hamburger menu and click “Select All”
  4. Click on Generate Font in the lower right to build the icon set.
  5. Click Download
  6. Upload this new file in .zip format. (
  7. Extract the
in AvadaThemes

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