You will need to install gdisk to complete this tutorial.

  • sudo yum install gdisk

Add Volume:

  1. Add Volume from Digital Ocean control panel.
  2. Follow Configure Your Volume guide.
  3. Reboot Server
  4. Make sure volume shows up in Disk Storage in WHM

If full size is not showing up in WHM (380M), you need to expand partition and the filesystem to fill the volume.

Expand Partition & Volume:

scsi-0DO_Volume_ is unique to Digital Ocean and how they identify their volumes.

  1.  Expand the file system to fill the partition via SSH
    • sudo resize2fs /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-0DO_Volume_volumename

If after doing this and migrating a site you get a 503 error on the site, you may have a server configuration to fix. In my case, remounting cagefs in the past has resolved the issue. This grants the correct permissions to the volume for cpanel accounts.

  1. cagefsctl –create-mp
  2. cagefsctl –remount-all

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