If you are provided a script that opens up a lightbox or pop-up, you will realize that you can not just paste it into the manual link field of a button in Enfold. These scripts usually create a plain text link.  You can apply a class already used by Enfold to these scripts however to make them use for example the CSS for a button.

Here is the script I was provided from a company called Fareharbor:

 <a href="https://fareharbor.com/cbstadventures/items/16545/">Book Now</a>

Here is it with a button class applied to the script:

 <a class="avia-button avia-icon_select-no avia-color-light avia-size-large avia-position-center " href="https://fareharbor.com/cbstadventures/items/16545/">Book now!</a>

To see the result, click one of the Book Now buttons on this page:


in Enfold

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