Below is a link to the Theme Fusion youtube channel (The company that created the Avada theme). There are a TON of videos and many go in great detail into subjects you will likely never need to know. So below the link, we have also included the most relevant videos to you in the order we believe you should watch them. Each builds on the previous much like learning a language.
Main channel:
Relevant Videos in Order:
  • Using the Builder: Understanding what you are seeing when you mouse over things.
    • This might be a little overwhelming but it’s just an overview. You don’t need to remember all of this. It takes time to get familiar with something new.
  • Using the Navigator: Listing the components of the page. Can be easier to find and drag and drop components.
  • Containers: This is like rows and splits your content vertically into sections that can each have their own background color or image.
  • Text Blocks: Add test to a page.
  • Titles: The headers that usually separate subjects throughout the site.
  • Images: Add images to your page.
  • Columns: Used to divide content vertically in a section. (Text next to an image for example)
  • Adding Videos: Add videos you upload to the site (however I recommend Youtube or Vimeo)
  • Buttons: Add buttons to your site
  • Responsive Editing (viewing the site on a computer, vs tablet, vs phone)
  • Flex Boxes: This determines how columns and content align in the builder.
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