This article is similar to what is stated in the article on the website however by only following their steps, we run into a few issues.

  1. First, create a backup within the User Portal in WP Engine.
  2. Once the backup is complete, you can select the backup from the list and click “Download Zip”.
  3. Upload the zip of your site to the public_html folder in your new host.
  4. Extract your zip file, and delete the following:
    • wp-content/mu-plugins/mu-plugin.php
    • wp-content/mu-plugins/wpengine-common/
    • wp-content/mu-plugins/slt-force-strong-passwords.php
    • wp-content/mu-plugins/force-strong-passwords/
    • wp-content/mu-plugins/stop-long-comments.php
    • wp-content/advanced-cache.php
    • wp-content/object-cache.php
  5. Connect via FTP to the account and change the permissions on all folders to be 755 and all files to be 644.
    • Permissions of the files without doing this prevents you from accessing  /wp-admin
  6. Open your zip file again and import the database found in wp-content/mysql.sql to your new environment. You can do this by creating a new DB and opening PHPmyAdmin and importing the file to populate the tables.
  7. Replace wp-config.php with the default WordPress template and be sure to include your new site’s database credentials.
  8. Point the domain and login to test the sites functionality.
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