If you migrate an x3 styled cPanel account to a new server that is using Paper_Lantern as its default theme, you will notice that the control panel loads up and still looks like x3 although the style says Paper_Lantern.  This is because the Retro version of Paper_Lantern is enabled to help prevent clients from being confused by a new unfamiliar interface.

In order to set the style to the default instead of retro, you need to run this command via SSH as root user.

for USER in $(whmapi1 listaccts |grep user |awk ‘{print $2}’); do echo “Updating $USER to the Basic style:”; uapi –user=$USER Styles update type=default name=basic; echo “”; done

This will update ALL users from Retro to Default. You can then set the theme and colors via the Theme manager in WHM.

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