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[av_testimonial_single src=’52’ name=’Brandon Terry’ subtitle=’CHHC, AADP – Owner’ link=’http://rootsintegrativehealth.com’ linktext=’Roots Integrative Health’]
I was tired of constantly maintaining HTML and CSS, and frankly no longer had the time for it. I needed a responsive design overhaul done fast. In comes Overhaulics to the rescue, they had me set up with a new design, fine-tuned my content and pages for SEO, and showed me how easy it was to maintain my new site and add new content whenever I need. They stepped in when I needed it most. Thanks Overhaulics for a job well done and for making my headache go away.
[av_testimonial_single src=’53’ name=’Mary Ann Gruening’ subtitle=’Office Manager’ link=’https://Sunrisevisioncare.com’ linktext=’Sunrise Vision Care’]
Our medical office hired Overhaulics, we would have done it long ago had known how affordable, quick and easy they would make the task for us. Our updated website is professional and user-friendly, both for staff and patients. Overhaulics added the ability for patients to request appointments, order materials and submit registration paperwork online which has been very helpful.  We give Overhaulics our highest recommendation.
[av_testimonial_single src=’56’ name=’Shawn & Julia Bandel’ subtitle=’Owners and Head Coaches’ link=’http://Crossfitjulia.com’ linktext=’CrossFit Julia’]
Overhaulics is the best website development company I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Their vision for creating a website that is user friendly, eye catching, and functional stands above the rest. What else can you ask for? You let Overhaulics know what you want, they will make it happen….. and it will be even better than what you had in mind in the first place.  And if it’s not, they will work with you to make it perfect.  Overhaulics  is timely with updates and is truly dedicated to providing business owners the most outstanding websites!
[av_testimonial_single src=’1271′ name=’Amy Thomas’ subtitle=’Creative Services Manager’ link=’http://keyequipmentfinanceblog.com/’ linktext=’Key Equipment Finance’]
I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience at Overhaulics. Our project was completed ahead of schedule, pixel perfect, and the journey getting there was painless. Even beyond that, the depth of knowledge and experience behind Overhaulics is unmatched and mostly likely the secret sauce in their delivering smart and cost effective websites. If we need additional help in the future, I know exactly where I will go.
[av_testimonial_single src=’897′ name=’Brandon Terry’ subtitle=’Owner’ link=’http://www.moovvital.com’ linktext=’Moov Vital’]
Overhaulics is always up to date on the latest web design standards and technologies. The site and page layouts provided exceeded everything we could have asked for, and allowed us to focus on starting our business. If you want fast service, complete design, and solid recommendations for quality plug-ins, page layouts, and graphics, all at an affordable price, Overhaulics is who you want!”
[av_testimonial_single src=’878′ name=’Kristina Welch’ subtitle=’President’ link=’http://www.jovialconcepts.org’ linktext=’Jovial Concepts’]
Love the site Kyle made us!! Its so easy to use, mobile friendly, and the Overhaulics staff was easy to reach when I had questions or needed changes. The whole process was very easy and now we get tons of compliments on our site
[av_testimonial_single src=’69’ name=’Elisa Romero’ subtitle=’Owner’ link=’http://www.socmediaconsulting.com’ linktext=’SOC Media Consulting’]
I truly enjoy working with Kyle and his company! The experience was easy, he understood my needs, and what I wanted portrayed on my site. Communication was easy and turnaround was quick. My deadlines were always met! I would highly recommend working with Overhaulics anytime!
[av_testimonial_single src=’1438′ name=’John Mosher’ subtitle=’Realtor’ link=’http://themoshergroup.com/’ linktext=’The Mosher Group’]
Overall my experience with Overhaulics was extremely positive. They listened to what my needs were and delivered. Not only what I wanted but also gave me some very thought out input to improve my site. I was up and running is a short time and they made themselves available to me to help answer all of my questions after the job was done.  If you’re shopping for a web designer, I highly recommend Overhaulics.