This happens when someone has added the business account using their domain as a secondary email or alias to a free Gmail account. This will prevent you from setting up GSuite using this email. Follow the workaround below to continue setup:

  1. Input a different email address such as info@ or someone else’s email you will be setting up as well.
  2. Continue setup and CC payment from this guide: Create GSuite Account (partial setup)
  3. WAIT 24+ HOURS after account creation for it to be fully registered in Google’s system.
  4. Overhaulics will then add the originally desired User manually to the new GSuite account and will assign the old account a temporary address. (for example,
  5. You will be notified of this via email and can then choose a new free gmail account address to use and your new GSuite account will be fully functional using your domain.
    • When the user renames their personal account with a different email address, all data in the user’s personal account remains in the account. The data in the personal account remains safe and accessible only to them.

If you used a temporary email such as info@ to signup, Overhaulics will remove this for you during setup.

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